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Winter Sports information for parents & Preseason 11/16/21

Winter Sports Season is officially here!


This Week in KMS Sports

November 15th  - November 30th 2021  

High Lighted areas indicate possible changes or updates


Masks are required when athletes are in the building and can be worn outside when they cannot be socially distant.







Co-Curricular Update & KMS Coaches Meeting


8th Grade Girls Practice



8th Grade Boys Practice



7th Grade Girl Practice



7th Grade Boys Practice



7th Grade Girls 2:30-4:00

8th Grade Girls  4:15-5:45

*Students should go home after school and come back for later practices. Contact your coach if this is an issue.


7th Grade Boys 2:30-4:00

8th Grade Boys  4:15-5:45

*Students should go home after school and come back for later practices. Contact your coach if this is an issue.


No School

No Practice 


Happy Thanksgiving

No School


No School

No Practice 


No Practices – School Wide Training

No Late Bus


Boys & Girls White  2:30-4:30

Boys Black: 4:30-6:00

Girls Black: 6:00-7:30


*Students are expected to go home after school and come back for later practices. Contact your coach if this is an issue.


 Dry-Land Practices begin for Skiers 2:30-4:30



To Be announced…



To Be announced…



To Be announced…




Below if information posted on the GoKMS website as well:

Good Afternoon Winter Athletes & Parents,

Before your child can participate in a conditioning sessions and practices, please make sure you have done these 5 Steps and be sure to read the Winter Season information below.  (If you have already completed the 5 steps, Thank You!)

Step 1:  Signed up your child for a KMS Fall sport - https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSe4gvgCMTB-GxRwWvzjcG6G9z3w7RjoaavCvdJX2q7O9N7pMQ/viewform?usp=sf_link  (both Step 1 & Step 2 must be done for all athletes regardless of the following 3 steps)


Step 2: You MUST sign the online permission forms for your child via PowerSchool  – click Forms tab on  the left and then Fall Registration: https://sau9.powerschool.com/public/home.html


Step 3: Be sure we have a copy of a valid Physical Examination form on file at KMS from your child’s doctor


Step 4: Impact Testing must be done remotely for all 7th graders and new, untested 8th graders prior to the first practice/conditioning.   If you were tested as 7th grader last year, you do not need to retake the online test:   https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfBPuSSiNNFVM_3ufNp-4bira3SocjoA0rP4FZ13us1YFQCAg/viewform

Step 5: Sign up for Texts and Alerts at GoKMS.com if you have not done so already: https://gokms.com/fans/favoritesForm


Helpful Information and Winter Season Update:

  • Basketball Parents & Athletes:  Reach out to your child's coach if they will not be attending the upcoming Conditioning Sessions.  Contact info will be listed on the www.GoKMS.com website as well .  Basketball teams will be divided in to 2 teams after the Thanksgiving based on ability and skill set. Teams are not set in stone and there is opportunity for movement.  Girls Basketball: Adam Goodwin A_Goodwin@sau9.org & Mike Thompson M_thompson@Sau9.org  Boys Basketball: Todd Giles T_Giles@Sau9.org & TBD
  • Alpine and Nordic skiing will begin dry-land training at KMS after Thanksgiving and skiing will be contingent on snow and mountain conditions. Skiers should come prepared for indoor and outdoor practices in all weather conditions.  Nordic: Kristen Pilarcik k_Pilarcik@sau9.org     Alpine: Phil Haynes phil_haynes810@yahoo.com


  • ** If a player is not feeling well or has the onset of new or unfamiliar symptoms, please stay home and contact your coach.  Students will not be in trouble for missing games or practices because of cautions over Covid-19.  
  • COVID UPDATE:  Athletes are expected to self-screen prior to arriving at school and reevaluate before practice.  If they are not feeling well, please go home or stay home from late practices or weekend events. Masks are required while students are in the building at all times & during practices and  when in and out of the locker room.   More information and a sports update will be forthcoming in the next few weeks for this season. 
  • Note: If your student athlete requires an Epi-pen,  inhaler or other medical device, please contact your coaches directly and send in an extra device clearly marked for your child to have at each practice in the team med kit. 


  • Students should have a backup plan for after school if practices should ever be canceled because of weather.


  • Athletes will have access to designated changing areas but are not to leave belongings in the locker rooms/changing areas.  We encourage athletes to bring a smaller, separate sports bag that can be used as a mobile locker as needed. Bags should be marked and brought out to practice with them so that they do not need to return to the building after practice.  Athletes should come changed for practices during the season when possible, and have sweats and outer layers available for after practice.  Locker rooms will be available but on a limited basis.
  • The Late Buses will leave KMS at 4:45pm sharp and have a limited bus route.  The Conway late bus schedule is located under Files & Links at GoKMS.com. Contact SAU13 for Madison & Freedom late bus info.  Albany does not provide late bus service.  Parents should wait for their athletes by the football tower/CES. This is the same pick up location for after games and meets – please do not enter the bus lanes in front of the KMS Cafeteria or gymnasium.   Doors to the gym will be unlocked on a schedule, so please be on time.
  • No sharing of water bottles or personal equipment please.  Mouth guards are optional for basketball this season and will be provided if desired.
  • If you have any questions, please let me know or reach out to the individual coaches about the schedules.  Vigilance in our precautions and following the Year 2’s Covid-19 Guidelines is imperative to keep our athletes healthy and our programs going. 


Please let me know if you have any questions.  Go Eagles!



Gredel Shaw

Transportation Coordinator, SAU#9

Phone: (603) 447-3626 / (603) 986-0685


Athletic Coordinator, Kennett Middle School

Phone: (603) 447-6364

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