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A. Crosby Kennett Middle School

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A. Crosby Kennett Middle School

Home of the Eagles

A. Crosby Kennett Middle School

Home of the Eagles

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1 month ago @ 8:19PM

Basketball Conditioning Schedule & Registration Information. *Change to Girls Sessions


Basketball Conditioning Session will start this week:  We will be splitting up the basketball sessions by grade and boys/girls: 7th grade will practice after school in Session 1 from 2:35-4:00.  8th graders will practice in session 2 from 4:30-6:00.  These sessions are optional.  *This is a change from the original Girls schedule

Girls Basketball 12/7, 12/9, 12/11, & 12/14: 7th grade girls 2:35-4:00  8th grade girls 4:30-6:00

Boys Basketball 12/8, 12/10, & 12/15:    7th grade boys 2:35-4:00     8th grade boys 4:30-6:00

1st session 2:35-4:00:  Athletes will meet with their group after school with their paraprofessional supervisor until practices start. Location TBA - it will be announced at school.  During that time, students will be (re)screened and temperatures taken, then allowed into the locker room in waves to change into practice clothes. Athletes will not be permitted back in to the locker room to change out of practice clothes at the end of practice.  Athletes MUST bring a pair of sweatpants to put on over their practice clothes before exiting the building for parent pick up at 4:00. 

2nd session 4:30-6:00:  Athletes will arrive at school in their practice clothes, no earlier than 4:15pm.  As they enter the gym entry/hallway area - they will go to their assigned X and change into their basketball sneakers and leave outside shoes/boots in the hall.  This is where their personal belongings will stay until they leave practice.  Athletes for the 2nd session enter the gym through the doors nearest the water fountain and will stop at the check in table and take their temps via the new Temperature Kiosk and coaches will record attendance and check health screenings.  Athletes will also sanitize hands on their way into the gym.  

**2nd Session athletes should arrive at school properly dressed with sweatshirts and sweatpants over their practice clothes (and have a jacket as well) - they will not be allowed into the locker rooms before or after practice and will need to put sweats back on before leaving for parent pick up.  

Sanitization/Safety Procedures

  • Masks are REQUIRED at ALL times

  • Gym floor will be washed before and after practice

  • Wiping down/spraying of basketballs, cones and other equipment is required each practice

  • Athletes will be assigned an X in the Hallway for outside shoes, personal items and in the gym for water bottles

  • Athletes will sanitize their hands every time there is a water break, and when entering and  leaving the gym.

  • Athletes will bring a clean marked water bottle for each practice and they cannot share with others

  • There will be limited locker-room use

  • Fans will not be permitted in the gym or attend practices.  If parents have questions - please reach out via phone or email.

  • Mouth guards will NOT be required this season

  • Disciplinary action will be taken if rules are not followed


Health Screenings & Return to Play - when & where:  

  • Distance learners must complete a Daily Health Questionnaire at least 1 hour prior to arriving at practice. All Face to face learning students will not need a  2nd health screening since they have completed the KMS Daily Health Questionnaire at 7:15am. Coaches will rescreen students before practice begins.

  • Daily Health Questionnaire can be found at 

  • Attendance will be  taken each and every practice.

  • Temps will be redone upon arrival, and or before Intramural KMBA games.  Coaches will rescreen students and if any symptoms have changed since 7:15am, they will not be permitted to practice and must be picked up ASAP.

  • Teams must be socially distant on sidelines; on opposite sides of the floor for Intramural KMBA games. 

  • Should a player be out of school due to testing positive for Covid-19, they must have a doctor's note in order to Return To Play.

What comes next: Conditioning sessions will consist of individual skills, drills, endurance & general conditioning  until 12/15.  There will be limited multiplayer skills or drills.  The Conway School Board will vote 12/14 on how our school will move forward with Winter Sports.

Contact KMS Athletic Coordinator Gredel Shaw if you have any questions!

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