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A. Crosby Kennett Middle School

Home of the Eagles


A. Crosby Kennett Middle School

Home of the Eagles

A. Crosby Kennett Middle School

Home of the Eagles

A. Crosby Kennett Middle School

Home of the Eagles

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Posted 2.0 years ago @ 5:09PM

General Sports info from the Athletic Department

Good Afternoon KMS Families & Friends,

 Here are a few things about sports at Kennett Middle School:

Parking, Pick up’s and Drop offs:  All parents should be picking up and dropping off their student athletes at the usual spot by the Football tower.  This is the process for the regular school day and should also be followed for practices and for games/meets – both home and returning from away.   Parking – spectators should park in the parking lot between KMS, CES & SAU9.  There are limited spots in front of the KMS cafeteria for those who need to be closer to the cross-country meets and or soccer fields.  Please do not park in the bus lanes .  If you have a loved one who needs assistance getting closer to a field, please contact me in advance and we will make arrangements to make that happen.  Olympic Lane should not be used as a thru-way to avoid traffic or construction.  

School Attendance & Tardiness: Students and parents/guardians should familiarize themselves with the KMS school & sports attendance policy.  If a student is late to school or misses a practice, they may be ineligible for a game or meet.  You can find this information in the Kennett Middle School Student Handbook and also be sure to revisit the KMS Activities code (under files & links). 

Schedules: All sports schedules are available online at under the “Fall” link and then select your sport. *These are tentative schedules and subject to change.   Be sure to sign up for email alerts and text messages if you have not done so already. Any game or meet changes, cancellations or updates will be made and posted here.   This can be seen easier on a desk top, or click the while angles square in the upper right of your phone to get the drop down.  Contact your coaches directly with practice, game or roster questions. 

Supervision at Home Games: Students must have an adult supervisor when attending a home KMS sporting event.  I love to see the students at the games and on the sidelines cheering on their friends and team mates, however, they must have an adult at the game who is responsible for them. Please do not drop your students off unsupervised.   

Additionally, we ask that all parents and spectators please refrain from hanging out at the team benches and should watch the games from the opposite side of the field. 

Conway Late Bus:  The Conway late bus leaves KMS at 4:45 sharp and then goes to KHS for student transfers and to pick up KHS students.  The late bus schedule is now posted at under File & Links.  Note: This is an abbreviated bus route for the town of Conway and does not provided door to door service.  This is a convenience to parents and does not cover every road in the Town of Conway.  Also note that the times are approximate and drop off times are dependent on who is on the bus, traffic, weather, etc.  CLICK HERE

Over Use & Injury Prevention:  Check out the information from KHS Athletic Trainer Colby Locke on Over Use & Injury Prevention in Middle School Athletes. Click here for Info.   If your athlete is playing more than on sport this fall, or is on more than one sports team,  please have a conversation with them to see how their body is feeling and  if they need a day off from a sport they are doing outside of our team. Sometimes a day off is needed to help the body recover. 

KMS Sports Apparel: If you are interested in order KMS Fall Sports Apparel please stay tuned – more information is coming soon from Barn Door Screen Printers!

I hope everyone is having a great season so far - stay healthy & have fun. Go Eagles!


Gredel Shaw

KMS Athletic Coordinator

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