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A. Crosby Kennett Middle School

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Team News.

Team News

5.0 years ago @ 7:59PM by Gredel Shaw *Admin

Field Hockey team practices, season update & email info from coaches

Hello Field Hockey Parents and Players! This is an email for both parents and players to be informed that Coach RenÉe and I are asking that parents send us, Coach Bitty and RenÉe your email address so that we can create a field hockey email group with what the rest of the season will look like (practices and games) / updates, cancellations and to also let us know if players will be missing practice/game etc. My email is (e_ kluchnick) please CC ALL emails of field hockey and player info to Coach RenÉe at

What our schedule will look like this week 9/24-9/28:

Monday 9/24 - Away game at Laconia @ 4pm (ONE GAME for Team Black and Swing Players) Dismissal from school: 2pm Jersey: Black Shin guards/socks: Black NOTE: Swingers will attend ALL games.

Team White will have practice Monday 9/24 with Coach RenÉe 2:35-4:30pm. We are aware that dismissal is at 2:35pm from classes - we are wanting the girls to be prompt as possible to be changed and ready to go on the field so that we can get in as much practice before 4:30 pm!

Tuesday 9/25 - No Practice

Wednesday 9/26 - Practice Team Black and Team White 2:35-4:30pm

Thursday 9/27 - Away game at Whitefield @ 4pm (ONE GAME) Team: White and Swing Players Dismissal from school: 2pm Jersey: Black Shin guards/socks: Black

Friday 9/28 - Home game against Littleton @ 4pm (ONE GAME - Team: TBD ) Jersey: White Shin guards/socks: White


Hitting the midpoint of our season in the next week, we are no longer Team A or Team B we will address these teams as Team Black (players on A) and Team White (players on B) and will be all practicing together as a WHOLE team for the rest of the season. We are a field hockey family which is what Coach RenÉe and I have been instilling to the girls that it is very important that they understand that being on separate teams does not mean that one player is more important. We are a family and we support and care for one another on and off the field.

Away games: How do I get directions to away games?: You may contact KMS or our athletic director Gredel Shaw at for campus directions.

Pick up’s: If we are traveling NORTH for a game, we will stop at the Scenic Vista Overlook in Intervale for Bartlett/ North Conway parents.

Traveling SOUTH we will be stopping at Watsons in Ossippee for Madison/Freedom parents. IF you would like to pick up at one of these places your player MUST have a note. The girls are allowed to use their phones to call parents to let them know how far out we are from arriving to our destination. Parent, please be present upon our arrival.

Secret Buddies: A fun and simple way for players to pump up their teammates before an away game! What is Secret Buddies?: Each player has another teammate on the team’s info of their secret buddies favorite candy/snack, color etc. We encourage each the WHOLE team (that is traveling to the away games) to participate in this act of kindness to build up their teammates and to bond. We are NOT looking for you or your player to spend money on these gifts. A simple decorated letter, or a snack with a kind note is all we ask!

Missing practice: Beginning of the season we went over our field hockey expectations with players. One important expectation that is very important is for coaches are notified in advance if a player is not going to be attending a practice or game either with a note or email. We know that there are some things that happen last minute but whether it is a appointment, traveling plans or illness - but for safety reasons we ask you give us notice in advance ASAP. If a player misses practice before a game they will not play much in the game, due to missing practice.

What will practice days look like? Start of practice will be as a WHOLE team doing 2 laps around the field, dynamic warm ups and shuttle drills as a team. We are requesting that girls are warmed up and ready to begin shuttle drills at 3pm. (15 mins.) Players will have pre made small groups 4-5 girls that will change each practice to do ‘shuttles’ i.e. working on push passes, hits, dodges/pulls, lifts and block tackles. (25-30 mins) For the remainder of practice we will be breaking up players into two groups:  Offense and Mid - Coach Bitty and Defense and Goalies - Coach RenÉe. 

We will be doing same concept drills but for those positions. (25-30 mins) Also, we will be incorporating HIIT throughout practices (burpees, mountain climbers, squat jumps etc) exciting part....we will be participating as well! End of practice will come back together and work on conditioning, corners, penalty strokes or scrimmaging depending on how much time is left. End of season banquet: It is tradition that we have an end of the season banquet for player and families. Coach RenÉe and I have been thinking of ideas and would really appreciate parents who would be willing to coordination and plan this fun family event! Any parents interested may email us at any time and we can brainstorm and come up with ideas of something fun to do with the girls! I know that some girls have already expressed how fun it would be to do a small Halloween costumes and a pizza party with a fun surprise at the end for the girls! We appreciate your support and understanding as both parents and fans during this season with new coaches and having 38 girls wanting to participate and play for this great program which has also been tricky in scheduling practices and games. Coach RenÉe and I are always available by email.

We look forward to seeing you all at our games cheering on our girls!

- Coach Bitty and Coach RenÉe