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A. Crosby Kennett Middle School

Home of the Eagles


A. Crosby Kennett Middle School

Home of the Eagles

A. Crosby Kennett Middle School

Home of the Eagles

Girls 7th Basketball - WHITE 2017 2018

Team News.

Team News

1 month ago @ 7:21PM

tournament info

Kennett Middle School

Lady Eagles

End of season tournament and celebration

Monday, Feb 12 and Tuesday, Feb 13 2:30-4:30 Both Days

Hello families,

On Monday and Tuesday, Feb 12 and 13, we will be holding an in-house tournament. This event will be held in a loose atmosphere, with teams mixed from both Black and White squads. The idea is to hold a few games which more closely resemble practice scrimmages than “official” games, with the goal being for all of the girls to get together and celebrate our seasons, while playing some fun basketball against each other.

The games will be held under a running clock, with all 4 teams playing each other the first day, then the second day featuring a “Championship” and a “3rd place” game. The emphasis will be on everyone having fun, and the girls will mostly be coaching themselves, with assistance from Coach Ivy. Athletes that have injuries which will keep them from playing are encouraged to attend as well, as we will need Volunteer “Coaches”, as well as scoreboard operators and book keepers.

After the games Tuesday, we will close things out by collecting uniforms and practice jerseys, then enjoying a pizza party, with pizza generously donated by Flatbread Pizza Co.

Should anyone wish to contribute any other snacks, they are encouraged to share anything they would like pot-luck style. There will be simple beverages provided, as well.

Thank you all for all of your support this season! Both teams enjoyed a tremendous amount of success, and we hope this will be a fun way to put a cap on a great season!

Coaches Allie, Ivy and Andy 

Team News

1 month ago @ 11:28AM

Whitefield Cancellation


Unfortunately today's (Monday) game @ Whitefield is cancelled. This leaves the rest of the week looking like this:
Tuesday 2/6
Practice 2:30-4:30
Weds 2/7
Home vs Whitefield     4:00 p.m.
There will be no practices Thursday or Friday, but keep an eye out for info regarding our end of season celebration next Monday and Tuesday.
Thank you all for keeping up to date with all of this. It's been a fun season, and it's hard to believe this is the end! I've had a great time working with your kids, and appreciate everyone's patience and involvement!

Team News

1 month ago @ 9:25PM

Final schedules


I can't believe that I'm actually writing this as one of our last updates! It seems like we put so much work in, then the games start happening, and all of a sudden it's over! It's been a fun time for all of us, and I really appreciate all of your support and involvement!
The rest of the season's schedule is going to be:
Weds 1/31
Practice 2:30-4:30
Thurs 2/1
No practice due to home games for Black team against Fryeburg.  If any of the girls would like to come out to support the Black team, I will be there after school. We will have to be mindful of Gold practice, but I am happy to be there in case anyone wants to ride the late bus and watch the bulk of the game. Last game vs/ Fryeburg was a really exciting game, which was won by Black team in overtime!
Fri 2/2
Practice 2:30-4:30
Mon 2/5
Make up game! 
Away @ Whitefield
I am hesitant to put up a game roster for this, since at this point in the season it would appear that trying to predict what will happen as far as attendance at practice is beyond the capacity of my crystal ball. I would simply assume that if your athlete has been dedicated, and shows up for both practices this week, I can find some time for them in the game. 
Tues 2/6
Practice 2:30-4:30
Weds 2/7
Final Game!
Home vs/ Whitefield
Once again, I will simply say the same rules apply for this game. As it is a home game, I have a hard time leaving anyone out, and would love to imagine that we can all come together to put an exclamation point on our season!
Coach Ivy, Coach Allie and Myself are busy at work putting together something fun for the end of the season for ALL of the girls that came out to play this year, as a single squad. Plans are shaping up as I type this, more info will be forthcoming, but I can tell you that whatever it is, it will be taking place on Monday 2/12 and Tuesday 2/13. It will be directly after school at normal practice times both days, with late bus service available!
Once again, thank you to everyone that has been patient enough to read these posts and keep up with our team! It's been an entertaining challenge keeping 22 girls actively involved, but as I rode the bus home tonight and saw a bunch of happy kids in spite of the tough final score, I know that it was worth every second! 

Team News

1 month ago @ 11:02PM

Info for week of 1/22-1/27

Hello Everyone,

Hard to believe that there are only a couple of weeks left in the season! We've been having a great time together, and learning a lot!
I apologize for the amount of time it took to get the game info for the next week up. It has not been easy to keep track of who is showing up for team events. Since Tuesday's game is a home game, I am going to forego the idea of a roster in favor of evaluating the game situation by who shows up. As a general rule, if more than 2 collective team events are missed in a week, your athlete will most likely not be playing. Intentionally skipping practice is also an issue I have to contend with, and I am afraid that with the number of girls on the team, if your player's choice was to skip practice, I cannot take valuable minutes away from players who attended every practice. Please take the time to ascertain your athlete's level of participation last week, as this should assist anyone who is concerned that their child may not be playing in the game Tuesday. 
As for the rest of the week:
There is no practice Monday, 1/22 due to the Boys' teams hosting Fryeburg
Weds 2/24 will be a full squad, full court practice.
There will be no practice Thursday 2/25 due to games vs/ KA Brett
Friday 2/26 will be a full court practice for PLYMOUTH ROSTER PLAYERS ONLY. This is due to the fact that Plymouth is an especially tough contest for us, and a certain level of game-specific preparation is necessary that cannot be accomplished with a full squad practice.
Plymouth Roster 
Sydney G, Sophie O, Leah A, Mckayla D, Megan M, Casey C, Liz B, Vivian R-C, Mara T, Kenzie W, Ava F, Sam B, Ashley G

Team News

2 months ago @ 12:00PM

News for week of 1/15-1/20

Hello All,

Hope everyone is enjoying their long weekend!
Because of how difficult the first Bartlett game was for us, and also because we have had 3 days off in a row before a game this tough, I would like to have all Bartlett Roster Players stay after school tomorrow for an hour of half-court practice/warmup/strategy discussion. The Boys' Gold Team was kind enough to allow me to have half the court during their practice, and I think this will help get the rust off of our game. Any other members of the White Team that decide to stay after school may come to the locker room, or group QUIETLY off to the side.
As for both games this week, since they are home games I strongly encourage all players to come support the team. Depending on how many players show up, if there is room then we can bring some chairs onto the sideline so that players that are not on the roster may still sit on the bench. If non-roster players do decide to do this, I will ask that they dress nicely (no ripped jeans, tank tops, etc). I will also be expecting behavior that is above and beyond exemplary. If non-roster players do not feel like dressing up, they are more than welcome to sit in the stands and cheer with the fans. 
As for the rest of the week, there will be practices on Weds 1/17 and Fri 1/19.  Attendance at these practices will help determine the roster for the Berlin game on 1/23.
Go Eagles!!!

Team News

2 months ago @ 9:34AM

Game time changes for Inter-Lakes

Hello all. This afternoon's game times have flipped. Black team will play first at 4, followed by White team, with a tip-off somewhere around 5. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.



Team News

2 months ago @ 11:09PM

Rosters for week of 1/15-1/20

Here are the game rosters for both games next week. Great win tonight at Kingswood! It will be nice to have a couple of home games next week! I would encourage all players to make an effort to attend the games, as spectators if they are not roster players. Every bit of cheering helps, and there is always learning about our game to do, whether active or as a fan.

 Tuesday 1/16 vs/Bartlett
Sydney, Sophie, Leah, Mckayla, Ashley, Casey, Mara, Liz, Megan, Ava S, Zemmi, Ava F
Book: Lily R
 Thursday 1/18 vs/Moultonboro
Angelina, Juliana, Emily K, Zemmi, Lily R, Ava S, Kenzie W, Sam, Casey, Viv, Liz, Lilly J
Book: TBD

Team News

2 months ago @ 10:10PM

Game rosters for week of 1/8-1/12

Hello everyone,

Welcome back from your holiday break! I apologize for the amount of time it took me to get this up. There have been vacations, injuries, sickness and other issues that I have to balance when making these rosters, and the process has taken a bit of time. 
Please note: There were multiple players who took vacation time before school vacation. There were also multiple players that missed significant amounts of practice and game time due to injury. Given that we had 4 games and multiple practices in that time period, these players are now unfortunately behind the rest of the team in terms of practice/ conditioning/ game strategy. These players will need to attend practices to get themselves up to speed. Those practices are available on:
Thursday 1/4
Monday 1/8
Weds 1/10
Game Rosters:
Whitefield  1/9
Angelina, Samantha, Juliana, Elizabeth, Casey, Ava F, Sydney, Lilly R, 
Leah, Mckayla, Sophie, Mara, Megan
Book keeper: Natalie
Kingswood 1/11
Zemmi, Leah, Elizabeth, Mckayla, Ashley, Natalie, Megan, Sophie, Vivian, Mara
Ava F, Sydney, Casey
Book keeper: Samantha
Inter-Lakes 1/12
Angelina, Juliana, Casey, Ava F, Sydney, Natalie, Megan,Vivian, Mara, Samantha
Leah, Elizabeth, Mckayla, Ashley, Sophie
Book keeper: Lilly R
*There will be no White practice on Friday, 1/5 due to Black Team home games. This does not mean that your athlete cannot stay in order to watch the game. If you have an athlete that would like to stay to watch the first half, then ride the late bus at 4:45, please contact me and let me know. If your athlete does choose to stay, their behavior will be expected to be exceptional. 

Team News

3 months ago @ 11:40PM

Amended Schedule and Rosters for 12/18-22


Hello Everyone,

This week brought new developments in our basketball world. Injuries, sickness, etc. With all of these things in mind, I have updated the rosters for our games next week. Please be advised that these are both away games. As always, feel free to email me with all questions/concerns.
Monday 12/18
No practice due to Winter Concert
Tuesday 12/19 away vs/ Moultonborough
Angelina, Liz, Juliana, Zemmi, Sam, Vivian, Lily R, Casey, Emily
**Lilly J
*Ava S
Sophie, Leah, Mckayla, Mara, Ashley, Ava F
*Indicates injury
** Indicates player must attend practice before resuming game participation
Both * and ** indicate player will NOT be traveling on bus for the game
Weds 12/19
Practice 2:30-4:30 for ALL players
* Injured players are excused from practice
Thursday 12/21 away vs/ Berlin
Sydney, Leah, Mckayla, Mara, Ashley, Sophie, Natalie, Ava F, Megan
Casey, Vivian, Emily 
Friday 12/22
No practices. Vacation Begins!!
As always, thank you for your understanding during our season. Things constantly change, and your flexibility is appreciated

Team News

3 months ago @ 5:06PM

Possible Practice 12/12

Hello All,

I realize that the weather forecast for tomorrow afternoon means that this most likely will not happen. However, in the event that after school activities and late busses are not cancelled on the afternoon of 12/12, I would like to take the opportunity presented by the cancellation of the Holiday Concert to run practice as usual from 2:30-4:30.
This will be viewed as a "lucky extra" for us if it happens. I understand that the schedule has been out in it's present form for awhile, so if your family already has plans, do not worry. I will not be viewing absences in the same light as usual. I am merely hoping (praying) for an unexpected surprise!
Thank you,
Andy P

Team News

3 months ago @ 9:23PM

Game Squads for December

Here are game squads for the rest of the month of December. I have included alternate players for some games, as there have been some injuries recently that could affect our roster. If anyone can't make any particular games, please email Coach Poster

12/13 (Home vs KA Brett) and 12/19 (Away vs/ Moultonborough)

Angelina A, Elizabeth B, Juliana B, Kenzie W, Zemmi M, Lilly J, Samantha B, Vivian R-C, Lilly W, Mikaylie H, Lilly R*

Alternates: Sophie O, Leah A, Mckayla D, Mara T, Ava F

12/14 (Home vs Kingswood) and 12/21 (Away vs Berlin)

Sophie O, Leah A, Mckayla D, Mara T, Izzy E*, Sydney G, Natalie A, Ava F, Ashley G, Megan M, Emily K, Ava S

Alternates: Elizabeth B, Vivian R-C, Angelina A, Zemmi M

* Indicates a current injury or excused absence)

Note on Alternates

Alternates are in place for the purpose of filling in during the event of absence of a roster player. This position may or may not receive playing time. Book responsibilities will always fall to an alternate of Coach's choice on game day. 

Team News

3 months ago @ 5:09PM

Bartlett Game Squad for 12/5


Hello, all. Here is the list of players for Tuesday's Bartlett game. Monday practice will be for players on the Bartlett squad, all players will practice Weds 12/7 from 2:30-4:30 

The girls will get a day off this Thursday, and we will have the gym all to ourselves Friday afternoon. Thank you all for your patience as we sort this amazing turnout! Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.

Bartlett Squad 12/5

Angelina A, Leah A, Samantha B, Elizabeth B, Mckayla D, Izzy E, Ava F, Ashley G, Sydney G, Natalie M, Megan M, Sophie O, Ava S, Mara T, Kenzie W
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